Route to Hell, Southwark


Perhaps naively I always regarded the N29 as the bus to hell. This was based on nothing more than witnessing a succession of fights on there, seeing not one but two people manage to alight from the bus only to then fall under it wheels and get run over but mostly the clientele which often times resembled characters from a deleted scene from Jim Henson’s, The Dark Crystal.

It seems I was wrong though and that London has had its own dedicated bus service to the subterranean kingdom of Lucifer running for a while now. This must be down to Boris.

Spotted by Brendan Guyatt

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2 Responses to Route to Hell, Southwark

  1. Maria

    I once saw a man smoking a crack pipe on the 29. Not the N29 mind you, it was at 9 in the morning and we had just turned from Hampstead Road into Euston Road. Don’t know why I was suprised, really.

  2. Fred

    The bus to Hel in northern Poland really is numbered 666 – I assume for tourist/comedy reasons.

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