Sadists Van, Swiss Cottage

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Masochists Van, Swiss Cottage

Pain and friendly advice aren’t two things you’d immediately associate with each other. In fact they seem totally at odds. The whole idea of friendly advice to give advice in a manner that puts the advisee at ease, in a mental place that’s comfortable and leaves the advisee open to new concepts and idea. This would all be ruined if say you went to visit a friendly lifestyle coach and they said “Nice to meet you, we’re going to work through some of your problems today and see if we can get you back on track….the one thing is, and I know this might sound unusual, you are going to have to be flogged mercilessly with barbed wire throughout the entire session. I know it sounds weird but the orders come from above, it’s out of my hands I’m afraid”

Spotted by Andy Issac

Protest, Honor Oak Park

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Protest, Honor Oak Park


Shit Londoner Rose Chorlton sent this in from the front line of the battle to save the high street…

“Sorry for the bad quality but thought I should send this picture. You’ll need a little backstory to it though.

This grafiti has been sprayed onto the hoarding for where they are planning to build a Sainsbury’s local in Honor Oak Park. There has been much ‘protest’ about this (despite there being nothing of the sort in HOP), but they just love protesting (recently Domino’s was blocked from opening in the high street due to “the noise pollution from the motorcycles and the unhealthy lifestyle choices Domino’s represents”!). This particularly middle class quote from Richard III I loved best.”

Rudebox, Holland Park

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Rude, Holland Park

Da fuck am I looking at?!

Well, how about a big lump of red iron that is going to end up obsolete a lot sooner if it carries on with that kind of attitude?


Spotted by Steve Reed

What the Dickens?, Holborn

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What the Dickens?, Holborn

I was suprised to find that The Old Curiosity Shop actually existed but evidently it does. One disgruntled customer, obviously in dire need of some old curiosities, makes their feelings known after discovering that the shop is closed.

Spotted by Patrick Dalton

Pizza Shop, London Bridge

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Pizza Shop, London Bridge

I’m all for the clinically insane being given useful roles in society. Believing that a shadowy government agency has hidden radio transmitters in your wisdom teeth, that a secret race of lizard people control the Earth or having a¬†predilection for eating bags of human hair should be no barrier to finding gainful employment in the service agency. This fast food place in London bridge obviously feels the same and whilst they should be applauded for their forward thinking employment policy it looks as if they have paid for it in broken windows, possibly during an unbalanced employee’s freak out.

Spotted by Helen Bode