Transformers, Kings Cross

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Shit Londoner Jonathan Jasor sent in this photo of a rather specialist shop and said….

“Check this out, if there was a “random shop of the year” category, this one would certainly be a heavyweight contender, Transformation…a shop entirely dedicated to..cross-dressing!
Yes, and it’s in King’s Cross, obviously!
I don’t even know where to start… the picture of late 80s dude picture next to… the same 80s dude in a flamenco dress, classic before and after shot? The fact that “This could be you”? The sign in bold letters saying “confidential crossdressing specialists”?… or the confident statement that “no matter what age or shape” you are, they’ll make you a gorgeous specimen of the opposite sex?
I don’t know, for my part, I’d always give the thumbs up to a shop that advertises and sells “realistic breasts”!

I really like the fact that there is something for everyone in this city. Maybe one day we’ll get a mash up, one of the Jesus guys will stand outside and shit will really hit the fan London!!”

Charity, Hackney Downs

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Charity, Hackney Downs

There are so many charities these days sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what you’re donating to. Did you just drop your money into a collection to save the tiger or to shoot the tiger? Are you donating to an organisation that is helping street kids or that is enslaving them to work in some kind of Temple of Doom-esque mine? Frankly, who can be bothered to check anymore.


When I saw this photo my interest in charity was awoken again. The pooper people need your help London. I’m not sure what exactly they need our help with but it sounds urgent. As a cause it might not be a particularly easy sell to people. It lacks the cute/dying kids/animals angle that other charities exploit so well…and it’s about poop which traditionally people don’t like to discuss (except of course in that bemusing new “Do your scrunch or fold?” toilet paper campaign). Plus, and this is just a suggestion, I think their branding could do with a little work.

Spotted by Peter Blackwell

Little Blue Cafe, Clerkenwell

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Little Blue Cafe, Clerkenwell

What came first, the cafe or the little blue pill? I hope it was the cafe because giving your business a name that’s almost identical to a brand of erectile dysfunction medication is a questionable move unless your food has certain aphrodisiac qualities.

Spotted by Eleonora Matteazzi

Rebrand, Warren Street

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Re-brand, Warren Street

Shit Londoner James Davies sent in this photo suggesting that this is evidence that the design team at Snapple have lost the will to live but I think it might be a clumsy effort on their part to rebrand themselves as a more small producer, organic, homemade kind of brand. The kind of thing that you might pick up at a farmers market and are drawn to simply because the label is written in biro which somehow conjures images of an earnest looking farmer and his smiling family carrying fruit laden baskets to an old wooden barn to be pressed into fresh fruit punch with their feet….or something.


One Stop Shop, Stamford Hill

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One Stop Shop, Stamford Hill

I’ve lost count of the amount of time I’ve wasted walking from one shop to another, buying meat, groceries, transferring money, getting an online degree, receiving some consultation and having a dental check up like some kind of CHUMP, when I could have been going here all along.

This is the future. Prostrate yourself before it and weep at its glory.

Spotted by Tom Uprichard