Incentive, Camden

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Incentive, Camden

We don’t have a culture of tipping in London bars. It’s just not the done thing. Not because we are a tight fisted people more because drinks are already ludicrously expensive in most places and because, unlike other countries, being a barman isn’t seen as a legitimate vocation here, more of a stop gap on the way to something else. This is shame as other countries can do it so well. In the U.S  the barman takes your drinking very seriously as you tip him after each drink. He’ll make sure your drink is refreshed before you even ask him to, he’ll give you some bar snacks and after you’ve had a few drinks he’ll give you a couple of free ones. There are no such things as measures either.

Here every single last drop of booze is strictly measured to make sure that you don’t have accidentally enjoy even one tiny drop, one wayward bit of booze vapour more than you’ve paid for. Bar staff will sell you a drink only to bark  less than 20 seconds later “Ladies and gentleman can you finish up your drinks PUH-leese” and threaten to take it off you unless they see you gulping it down in the manner of someone who has just emerged from a terrifying, thirsty ordeal in the Sahara desert.

Maybe if drink prices were lowered just a smidgen and bar staff  became a little more attentive then we could start a culture of tipping here. It’d take a while to get used to at first but as the smoking ban proved seasoned drinkers are a versatile bunch who can adapt to change easily. Incentives like the one displayed above could only help things along.

Spotted by Tom Cullen

Bum Wrap, Peckham

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Bum Wrap, Peckham

You know that statistic that if you put a gun in bum you’re 98% more likely to be shot in the ass that someone who doesn’t….or something like that…well this guy obviously threw caution to the wind and stuck it up there anyway, for thrills or for simple storage isn’t exactly clear.

He could be one of those pro-gun nuts that has fetishised gun ownership to the point that he likes to be penetrated by firearms or he could have unwittingly been being used as a human silencer/smuggling device/manchurian candidate by a second party who at some point would subtly stick their hand into his ass and start pumping lead into an unsuspecting crowd.

Either way this person strikes me as a “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead ass” kind of guy.

Spotted by Jonathan Buckmaster


International Shit?!?!

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Australian Shit, Melbourne

As the popularity of this blog has grown more and more people have been sending me photos taken outside of London. At first I struggled with the concept that there are other places apart from London but after looking at these photos I can confirm that it’s true. There is literally an entire planet out there…honestly. So with that in mind a new international version of this site is being launched next week.

Do you have any funny photos from outside of London that you want to share? Do you live in another city or country and want to show us something funny/weird/cool from your stomping ground?

We’re also looking for submissions of your funny stories from where you live or where you’ve travelled, photo stories from odd places, video content and more. If you think you have something interesting to share about your urban experience then let us know.

Send over any submissions to and if they’re funny/weird enough I’ll post them to the new blog.



No need to be coy, Enfield

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No need to be coy, Enfield

If your chosen career is pubic topiary then really there’s no time for coyness when punting for business. Other places take a far more prosaic approach as evidenced in this picture HERE .

Spotted by Daniel O’Brien

Magic Kingdom, Tottenham

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Magic Kingdom, Tottenham

Not content with buying up the Star Wars universe AND the Marvel universe, in an unpredictable move The Mouse is seemingly claiming ownership of individual streets in Tottenham. I’m not sure what this means or what the implications are for the people that live on this street. Will moustaches and beards soon be banned? Will it become mandatory for people that live there to smile all the time? Frankly I think they’ll struggle with that one…this is London after all a town where the mantra could be “Turn that smile upside down”

Spotted by Sarah O’ Mahony