Oral Pleasures – South Ken

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There is absolutely no way on Earth that this isn’t intentional.

It just can’t be. Can it??

In fact it seems that this kind of innuendo is popular amongst purveyors of ice cream and some of them don’t even have to decency to bother with that, I mean just look at THIS PLACE!

Spotted by Hugo Russell

Sign Malfunction, Turnham Green

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If you owned a takeaway, and your sign began to disintegrate, in most areas of the city it wouldn’t be a major problem. People would still buy food from you confident in the fact that they wouldn’t come down with a case of food poisoning or discover an unordered rodent poop garnish on any dishes. Not so for the restauranteurs of Turnham Green who have to remain ever vigilant in case this unfortunate sign malfunction happens to them and destroys years of hard earned customer confidence. I could be completely wrong though, maybe the owners of this place are just really concerned about climate change.

Spotted by Daniel Robinson

Multi Purpose, Ealing

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Multi Purpose, Ealing

Interestingly multi purpose room available for hire at this Japanese restaurant in Ealing. There are some kind of parties where a having a lavatory as one of the main components of the room would be a definite advantage and there are some where that would ruin the whole event like a christening or a golden wedding anniversary. I’d be interested to know what kind of parties this places throws. Have you been?


Spotted by Rich North



Rudebox, Holland Park

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Rude, Holland Park

Da fuck am I looking at?!

Well, how about a big lump of red iron that is going to end up obsolete a lot sooner if it carries on with that kind of attitude?


Spotted by Steve Reed

Proposal, Hammersmith

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Proposal, Hammersmith

Is there a more romantic way to propose to your loved one then this? What woman would fail to be charmed by having a large photo of themselves in their underwear posted on a billboard by a busy road in Hammersmith? To be fair Michelina does look pretty amazing so she’s probably quite at ease with this public exposure and in fact I’m beginning to suspect that this may be the work of Michelina herself. Notice the lack of question mark, this gives the billboard a whole new sentiment. What was once a straightforward billboard proposal now looks like a demand from Michelina that some guy called Will marry her. She going for a full on, shock and awe approach by not only featuring a lingerie shot but also three other shots showing her from different angles, just so Will is left in no doubt whatsoever as to what he’ll be marrying.

I like this Michelina, she has balls, figuratively speaking. Will is a lucky man.

Spotted by Daniel Cameron

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