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Stay Safe, Soho

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Sometimes I feel sorry for the Met. If they stand back and “observe” as people are burnt out of their homes and every precious branch of JD Sports in South London is looted to oblivion then people get pissed off at them. If they gather in their hundreds in full riot gear to eject a few protestors from an old police station in Soho, people get pissed off at them for that. If during some light hearted kettling they violently shove a half cut, middle aged man with his hands in his pockets onto his face who then subsequently has a heart attack and dies, the public gets all uppity about the fact they tried to blame their way out of it. Worse still, when an officer innocently tries to earn a little more cash then the pittance they are on by selling confidential information to the press they are widely condemned for it. They just can’t win can they? Which I why I feel especially sorry for them when I see sights like this that suggest that they can’t even make a window safe let alone an entire neighbourhood.

Spotted by John Marshall

Rebrand, Warren Street

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Re-brand, Warren Street

Shit Londoner James Davies sent in this photo suggesting that this is evidence that the design team at Snapple have lost the will to live but I think it might be a clumsy effort on their part to rebrand themselves as a more small producer, organic, homemade kind of brand. The kind of thing that you might pick up at a farmers market and are drawn to simply because the label is written in biro which somehow conjures images of an earnest looking farmer and his smiling family carrying fruit laden baskets to an old wooden barn to be pressed into fresh fruit punch with their feet….or something.


Knobism, Tottenham Court Rd

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Knob, Tottenham Court Rd

This piece of knobism painstakingly rendered in the window display of Burtons Tottenham Court Road recalls Rodin’s “The Thinker” as the subject stares into his own ejaculate and considers the meaning of existence.

Spotted by Chris Maris

Come on then!, West End

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Come on then!, West End

Shit Londoner Gurpreet Gupta spotted this great piece of toilet graffiti at the fantastic Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square.  “Drunk Octopus…wants to fight you!” occurred to someone one day as they looked at one of these hooks. Little did they know that one day people all over the world would copy them. Somebody took a photo, posted of one of these octopuses on the internet and from there it grew into a bit of cult graffiti. Who knows how many of these there are out there now? It’s like when someone writes “I wish my wife was this dirty” on the back of a van. There must’ve been one person that did that first and then it spread from there. I find that fascinating, I probably shouldn’t but I do.

It’s funny when these memes spill out into the real world. Have a look at another famous meme that I spotted in London Bridge HERE

Help!, Covent Garden

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Help! , Covent Garden

In a remarkable last act this sick pigeon somehow managed to manoeuvre himself onto this piece of roadside in what can only be interpreted as a cry for help. Sadly though it looks as if this Lassie, Flipper or Gentle Ben equivalent of the pigeon world’s efforts were in vain as it looks to have been ignored…and possibly reversed over.

Rest in peace sweet disease ridden, feathery prince

Spotted by Charlie Gee