Ironic Hand Dryer – Liverpool St Station

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I have a theory as to why this hand dryer may be broken. One friday night I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to witness a city worker, who had clearly over achieved on the alcohol front, unbelievably manage to mistake one of these Dyson hand dryers for a urinal. It’s difficult to tell who was more surprised at the time, the guy who mistakenly subjected his penis to an intense blast of high pressured air or the 6 or 7 other people who were suddenly enveloped in a fine mist of urine.

Spotted by Henry Cole

Multi Purpose, Ealing

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Multi Purpose, Ealing

Interestingly multi purpose room available for hire at this Japanese restaurant in Ealing. There are some kind of parties where a having a lavatory as one of the main components of the room would be a definite advantage and there are some where that would ruin the whole event like a christening or a golden wedding anniversary. I’d be interested to know what kind of parties this places throws. Have you been?


Spotted by Rich North



Reasonable Request, Dulwich

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Reasonable Request, Dulwich

Writing this blog I have seen more “Do not urinate/defecate” signs than is probably healthy for anyone to see in their lifetime but I’m still amazed by the need for them. I don’t know, maybe my parents did a good job of raising me because my default setting is such not to urinate or defecate in almost all of the places that I go. It’s just doesn’t enter my mind. It was made clear to me a very long time ago that there are preordained places where this kind of activity is acceptable and that attempting to do them anywhere else will lead to horror, shouting, mops and shunning. Nobody likes being shunning or being shunned…especially for an indiscretion like this. Also I’ve never quite understood the desire to use a lift as toilet, there’s just too much uncertainty involved. Using a lift as a toilet surely you’re exposing yourself to the risk of being discovered at every floor? How can a person function under that kind of pressure? I sometimes have trouble if someone stands too near to me at the urinal. Maybe that’s it, maybe people that use lifts as toilets thrive off the risk, the adrenalin buzz that this risk of discovery gives them. It’s like an extreme sport that requires no equipment or physical prowess… parkour for poopers if you will.

Spotted by Tim Bird

Toilet Graffiti, Shoreditch

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Toilet Graffiti, Shoreditch

At first glance this looks like a simple case of misspelling. Perhaps the person who wrote this was swigfaced enough at XOYO that they dropped the C and didn’t realise. However to a confirmed geek, nerd or Poindexter like myself this means something else entirely. A Bith to me, is a race of alien from Star Wars with a predilection for playing instantly recognisable space jazz like THIS .

I know this and know I have wasted my life.

Spotted by Rhodri Thomas

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 11.47.30


Encouragement, Peckham Rye

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Encouragement, Peckham Rye

Reading this aloud sounds like the strangest cheerleader chant ever. It’s catchy and direct. In fact, this has become my earworm for the day, so much so that I’m going to have to make a visit downstairs myself now.

Spotted by Paul Osman