Spacey, Seven Sisters Rd

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Spacey, Seven Sisters Rd

We’ve all woken up at some point in our life with a knob drawn on our head after a night on the sauce. In pre-internet days these kind of incidents usually stayed amongst a small group of friends but with the advent of social media increasingly peoples shame is broadcast for the whole world to see. It’s must be even more embarrassing if you are major Hollywood star and this happens to you. Here we have evidence of Kevin Spacey out on a drunken rampage around Seven Sisters Road where he not only has a classic “cock n’ balls” emblazoned across his forehead but also seems to make the admission that his balls are bigger than his “peeny.” The usually eloquent Mr Spacey also throws all the rules of grammar out of the window in his admission, another sign that he is hog whimperlingly swigfaced.

Spotted by Ariel King

Proposal, Hammersmith

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Proposal, Hammersmith

Is there a more romantic way to propose to your loved one then this? What woman would fail to be charmed by having a large photo of themselves in their underwear posted on a billboard by a busy road in Hammersmith? To be fair Michelina does look pretty amazing so she’s probably quite at ease with this public exposure and in fact I’m beginning to suspect that this may be the work of Michelina herself. Notice the lack of question mark, this gives the billboard a whole new sentiment. What was once a straightforward billboard proposal now looks like a demand from Michelina that some guy called Will marry her. She going for a full on, shock and awe approach by not only featuring a lingerie shot but also three other shots showing her from different angles, just so Will is left in no doubt whatsoever as to what he’ll be marrying.

I like this Michelina, she has balls, figuratively speaking. Will is a lucky man.

Spotted by Daniel Cameron

Haircut, Twickenham

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Haircut, Twickenham

That’s one freakishly over-developed toddler getting a hair cut there. He barely fits in his little car!

A little car might take the edge of a trip to the hairdressers for me. I hate getting my hair cut, always have and always will. Not for any Withnail and I “Hair are your aerials, man” reasons….more that I hate being trapped helpless in a chair, whilst being fussed over with sharp implements and forced to stare at my own sorry reflection for an inordinate amount of time. I also hate that inevitably I’ll end up regarding my newly coiffeured barnet with a sinking feeling but as soon as I’m asked whether it looks okay by the hairdresser I’ll cheerfully lie and say “It’s perfect! Thank you” before handing over my money and, more often then not, leaving a tip. Then I walk into the street feeling strangely light headed, conspicuous and full of self loathing. I swear sometimes that hairdressers know they’re doing a bad job and in some cases actively push the boundaries for sheer entertainment. Maybe they run secret bets on which customers will make a fuss and which won’t. Once, in my teens, I was making a concerted effort to look as much like Liam Gallagher as I possible. This was a precise science that involved me aping his style right down to his simian walk. I went in clutching a photo cut out of the NME and showed them exactly what I wanted. Half an hour later and after some enthusiastic fringe trimming, I left not looking like Liam Gallagher but looking instead like Cadfael the crime solving monk. There was no way that the hairdresser hadn’t monked me on purpose….unless they were blind and I was fairly certain they weren’t.

Spotted by Stewart Sugg

Number Plate, A12

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Number Plate, A12

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.


This photo was submitted by Nick Anderson from the Facebook Shit London group. I think it’s pretty much a given that whoever own this number plate must be a tool of the highest order. I’d write more but I think the comments on the group say it all…

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 11.58.48

Virgin, West Brompton

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Virgin, Fulham

Shit Londoner Rachael Gore spotted this note outside on a bus stop outside of West Brompton station. At first glance this looks like a case of potential mole bothering that might have to be reported to the RSPCA but as you read on it becomes quite a sad peek into a man’s frustrated existence. He’s been dealt a rubbish hand in life, one that I can’t even begin to imagine dealing with and is admirably trying to make things better for himself. Maybe he’s exhausted all other avenues and through sheer desperation has chosen advertising on bus stops as his last resort. I really hope for his sakes that he ends up finding satisfaction quickly. On a cautionary note to him though I think it’s best to start off with one woman rather than to “give himself” to an entire group.

I should point out that Racheal said this note had disappeared the next day so there is chance that perhaps he had his wish fulfilled.

Let’s hope so.

* If you are a group of females having difficulty finding a man to have sex with please e-mail me and I’ll pass his number on.