Scary Doll, Highgate

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I’m not speaking from any position of authority here when I say this but I am almost certain that this doll is cursed in some way. If it doesn’t have an actual curse on it I think we can all at least agree that is probably evil. Why? Well look at its face for starters, that and the fact it was found hanging about Highgate Woods. “No, that’s just what dolls looked like in the olden days” you might say. Fair enough, they did, but that still doesn’t stop them from looking evil. And think about it, have you ever, ever seen a single old black and white photograph of a child looking happy? Hmmm? No, you haven’t. Each photo that you’ve seen of an olden times child they always are wearing a slightly haunted expression, as if they have seen horror you can’t possibly imagine. Why? These kids are terrified of their own toys, they haven’t slept in weeks, they are plagued with nightmarish visions of waking up in the night to find tiny, cold porcelain hands wrapped around their throats. You look into those eyes and you see a child full of fear, incomprehension and a longing for “Tickle me Elmo” to be invented.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing is that the doll appears to have written this poster itself!

Spotted by Liesal South

Help!, Covent Garden

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Help! , Covent Garden

In a remarkable last act this sick pigeon somehow managed to manoeuvre himself onto this piece of roadside in what can only be interpreted as a cry for help. Sadly though it looks as if this Lassie, Flipper or Gentle Ben equivalent of the pigeon world’s efforts were in vain as it looks to have been ignored…and possibly reversed over.

Rest in peace sweet disease ridden, feathery prince

Spotted by Charlie Gee

En Vague, London Bridge

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En Vague, London Bridge

I still don’t know how dry cleaning works and frankly I don’t want to. It’s a complete mystery to me how a person can walk into a dry cleaners with a vomit flecked tuxedo and a couple of days later can pick it up and it will be entirely clean…and all without the use of water! Does it have something to do with the strange smell all dry cleaners share? If you understand the process then please don’t tell me, I don’t want the illusion shattered. There’s very little magic left in this world so I take it wherever I can no matter how mundane and inconsequential.

The sign on this dry cleaners is, however, disconcertingly vague. “Some day dry cleaning” suggests that this shop takes a somewhat lackadaisical approach to their trade. If they can’t give me any definitive time that they’d be done working their voodoo on my soiled garments then frankly I’m not interested.

Damning, E2

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Damning, E2

This is a damning inditement on this block of flats by the council. How is it that they even own signs like this? What purpose do they serve? Have they fenced this area off to protect the public from the people that live within? How dirty exactly is this area? So many questions.

Spotted by Alan Gilbey

Step Debate, Richmond

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Step Debate, Richmond

Richmond is quite a lovely, genteel kind of place. Sitting by the river on a weekend it’s possible to enjoy a drink at one of the many riverside pubs, watch the river traffic glide by and also witness possibly the highest density gathering of people wearing Jack Will’s clothing in Western Europe. But underneath all that middle class something charm something much more sinister bubbles. There are people scrawling mysterious things straight out of the Book of Revelation, invoking the name of the “Whore of Babylon”  in felt pen just yards from where people innocently  sit. I mean really! Still at least another penman has come along and rightly branded the other a “wanker”

Spotted by Molly Brookfield

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