Mayoral Elections

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Vandalised Mayor, Goodge Street Tube

I wonder how many tons of chewing gum are scraped off posters by London Underground workers each year? People always seem to stick their gum to either the eyes or the nostrils. Perhaps a lot of money could be saved if TFL banned all adverts featuring eyes or nostrils. If you’re reading this TFL, you can have that idea for free. It’s my gift to you.

This was spotted by Emma Rawlings who wrote “Poor Boris, chewing gum up his nostrils and gauged out eyes. Sadly, today I saw a tube worker replacing this poster with a new un-defaced version.”

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Polling Booth, Haringey

Oh London what did you do?

I turn my back for a few days and this happens. Honestly, that’s the last time I leave you by yourself again, you’ve shown you can’t be trusted. No I don’t care what you’re friends are allowed to do.

Maybe it’s not all your fault. Maybe some voters were put off by the fact their polling stations looked portaloos or because they were mistakenly signposted as “Poliing Stations”. Who knows?

Spotted by Ruth Barnett @ruthbarnett

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Boris Fail, Westminster

Shit London is apolitical on the whole BUT in the run up to the mayoral election there are bound to be some gems like this that have to published. In the interest of balance I invite all readers of this site to send in any shit they spot during this campaign from all parties.

Sally Rowberry sent in this and said “This came through my Westminster letterbox and I thought I’d share. Way to go Boris, what better way to win around the rich and wealthy Conservative hotbed of Marylebone than to mispell the damn place name.”