Say What?, Portobello Rd

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Say What?, Portobello Rd

Viagra Prawn Warp sounds three random words pulled out of hat and then used to name a really terrible band you’d stumble across playing the Green Fields at Glastonbury at four in the morning. That not withstanding who’d want to eat a prawn wrap (I’m assuming that they didn’t mean “warp”…unless this is perhaps some new legal high) laced with viagra anyway? Shellfish are supposed to be natural aphrodisiacs so coupling them with chemical erection enducers could prove to be a potent and possibly calamitous mixture. Portobello Road get very dense with people during the weekend so would not be the most convenient place to get an impromptu and awkwardly long lasting boner. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Spotted by Angelique Neumann

Sounds right, Roman Rd

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Sounds right, Roman Rd

Perhaps we should just abandon trying to spell things correctly and instead just spell everything fonetticklee instead. Standardised language is boring anyway. Much better to live in a world where the name of a famous Italian dish can instead end up looking like the name of a failed African state.

Spotted by Matt Spurr

Puppy, Wembley

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Puppy, Wembley

Ahhh look that puppy eating a cone full of lovely sweetcorn. Wait, who eats a cone full of sweetcorn? Not a puppy I’m sure. Look at his wild eyes. Is he choking? It looks like he’s having a massive nosebleed. What does it all mean?


Spotted by Rob

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New Flavours, Brick Lane

Spotted by Monique Luttin

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Freaky, Shepherds Bush Market

Shit Londoner Shea Wong e-mailed this shot and extolled the virtues of her local market.

“I love my local market. Where else can you get a pirated DVD of a Jamaican sitcom, a fake Louie Vuitton bag, and acid trip mannequin heads all in the same 100 yard stretch of pavement? Nowhere. God Bless Shepherd’s Bush.”

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