Lost Pets

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Missing Young Cat/Kitten, Stroud Green

Where is the official cut off point between “young cat” and “kitten” anyway? Does it help anyone, least of all Pumpkin, to have this debate on a missing poster? To me, this looks like a young cat and not a kitten. I’m basing this purely on the fact that this cat is clearly operating a computer in the lower picture. My cat couldn’t master writing a simple e-mail until it was at least 3 years old.

Spotted by Gaz

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Cat News!!, Iflord

Shit Londoner Daljinder Bhurjee sent in this photo from the mean streets of Ilford where cat news is BIG news.

Daljinder says…“As you know, Cats just don’t give a fuck. You invite them into your home, give them a basket to sleep in, food to eat and yet all they do is demand more. Well not this one cat from, it appear that it had enough of its owner and in true bohemian style, upped and left for four years. Unfortunately it has not been documented what the cat was doing for those four years but I have a feeling it went to all the places a gap year student visits and slept with a lot of Australian cats. Nevertheless, it probably has lots of photos that it is arranging to put on its Facebook page. Quite how the Ilford Recorder got hold of this news is beyond me but it made headline news in the grotty east London borough.”


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The What?, Pimlico

There are certain signs you’re used to seeing on your daily travels around town such as “Keep Off The Grass” but this one would make anyone do a double take….especially in Pimlico.

Spotted by Alan Hookham

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Newsagents Window, Walworth Road

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When will the madness end?, Dagenham

Another day and another tragic death in the cat community from anti-freeze abuse. When are the government going to tackle this problem instead of spinning out endless, pointless rhetoric? Unless they stop their program of cutting vital funding for things like balls of string, catnip mice and scratching posts then I fear this problem is just going to get worse and worse as cats turn to the cheap thrill of anti-freeze to alleviate their perpetual boredom. Act now government or we’ll lose a generation of cats forever.

Spotted by Adam Twyman