Ironic Hand Dryer – Liverpool St Station

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I have a theory as to why this hand dryer may be broken. One friday night I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to witness a city worker, who had clearly over achieved on the alcohol front, unbelievably manage to mistake one of these Dyson hand dryers for a urinal. It’s difficult to tell who was more surprised at the time, the guy who mistakenly subjected his penis to an intense blast of high pressured air or the 6 or 7 other people who were suddenly enveloped in a fine mist of urine.

Spotted by Henry Cole

Magic Kingdom, Tottenham

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Magic Kingdom, Tottenham

Not content with buying up the Star Wars universe AND the Marvel universe, in an unpredictable move The Mouse is seemingly claiming ownership of individual streets in Tottenham. I’m not sure what this means or what the implications are for the people that live on this street. Will moustaches and beards soon be banned? Will it become mandatory for people that live there to smile all the time? Frankly I think they’ll struggle with that one…this is London after all a town where the mantra could be “Turn that smile upside down”

Spotted by Sarah O’ Mahony

Charity, Hackney Downs

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Charity, Hackney Downs

There are so many charities these days sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what you’re donating to. Did you just drop your money into a collection to save the tiger or to shoot the tiger? Are you donating to an organisation that is helping street kids or that is enslaving them to work in some kind of Temple of Doom-esque mine? Frankly, who can be bothered to check anymore.


When I saw this photo my interest in charity was awoken again. The pooper people need your help London. I’m not sure what exactly they need our help with but it sounds urgent. As a cause it might not be a particularly easy sell to people. It lacks the cute/dying kids/animals angle that other charities exploit so well…and it’s about poop which traditionally people don’t like to discuss (except of course in that bemusing new “Do your scrunch or fold?” toilet paper campaign). Plus, and this is just a suggestion, I think their branding could do with a little work.

Spotted by Peter Blackwell

Little Blue Cafe, Clerkenwell

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Little Blue Cafe, Clerkenwell

What came first, the cafe or the little blue pill? I hope it was the cafe because giving your business a name that’s almost identical to a brand of erectile dysfunction medication is a questionable move unless your food has certain aphrodisiac qualities.

Spotted by Eleonora Matteazzi

Backlash, Dalston

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Backlash, Dalston

…and so it begins…if it hadn’t begun already.

The great hipster backlash looks to be upon this particular corner of East London judging by this piece of graffiti. It seems that there are only so many fixed gear bike riding, vegan shoe blogging, ironic moustache wearing, lazy stereotype fulfilling people that can saturate an area before the locals start feeling marginalised and start painting walls themselves. But that’s assuming that this is the handiwork of a born and bred Dalstonite. There’s a high chance that this is in fact a piece of ironic self referential graffiti carried out by a secretly self loathing hipster….which would just be absolutely fucking typical wouldn’t it.

Spotted by Joe Lee

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