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Bin, Ilford

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Bin, Ilford

Shit Londoner Herbert Street spotted this lovely scene in Ilford town centre and postulates “A sign that was too late, not clear enough, or didn’t take account of those who can’t read. Whatever, it was clearly made for someone passing by with a camera who knew one day they would stumble across a site for pictures of Shit London”

Personally, I’m not sure that people are leaving notices like this with the intention of getting them on this website just yet.

Read this sign properly and you’ll notice that whoever wrote this asks “How would you like it if I shit on your door step?” which to me suggests that this person considers the area immediately surrounding the bin to be their door step, which in turn suggests they might actually live in the bin. Now look at the haphazard style of scrawling, this suggests that this persons may have trouble holding a marker pen. Finally the over all grumpy sentiment of the message leaves me with the impression that the resident of this bin is none other than Oscar the Grouch who for some inexplicable reason has swapped Sesame Street for a new life in Ilford.

I could be wrong though.

Christmas, Walworth Road

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Christmas on Walworth Road seems to be defined by an overwhelming sense of impending doom…which is always fun at this time of year. Shit Londoner Jonathan Jasor sent in these two bleak photos and said….

“These shots are of a petrol station on Walworth Rd in Elephant & Castle. Quite why they put it up or who did I’m not sure, but you have to give it to whoever thought of converting an old petrol station into E&C’s own Winter Wonderland!
It’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s fenced up so no-one spoils the thousand of pounds invested, there’s the iconic Heygate estate in the background, maybe as a farewell tribute before they knock it down, it had music on the first time I walked past…seriously!

I’m sure it’s put all Elephantians in the mood for Xmas, I mean, who wouldn’t be moved?”

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Odd Night Out, Bethnal Green

As improbable nights out go this is up there with the best of them. A show encompassing not only the horrific Victorian killing spree of Jack the Ripper but also the WWII tragedy that was the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster brought to life onstage by Cheryl Baker and “TV’s DIY expert” Tommy Walsh.

How is that going to work then?… Read more

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Wild Claim, Poplar

Steady on there Poplar, let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we. I know the Games have started, I know that they’re happening on your doorstep and that you’re probably enjoying your biggest influx of foreign vistors since, I don’t know, The Blitz…but let’s reign in the wild claims a bit here. “A hop skip and a jump to everywhere”?  I hadn’t considered putting Poplar on the same level as say the Panama Canal or the Silk Road before but if you insist.

Shit Londoner Jan Lee sent in this photo saying….“F**k off great big sign designed to attract the attention of those driving on the A12.  Poplar is one of the most uninspiring places I’ve lived in London so far. I can’t quite understand why it’s attracting attention to itself – What is weird, is that for about a week there was a different, similarily sized sign saying ‘Poplar welcomes the world’ i suppose they though it not enticing enough?

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Weak Boast, Newham

Newham Council proudly boasting that, unlike most of the other London boroughs that force people (often at gunpoint ) to live, work and stay in them, Newham’s residents choose to be there.