Insensitive Planning, Sutton

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life centre

It’s important in life to be aware of your own mortality. In fact not being aware of your own mortality can often lead to people coming face to face with it in sudden, lively and painful ways. Sutton Council’s decision to place their Life Centre mere yards from their cemetery seems at first glance a deeply cynical move. Thinking about it though it makes perfect sense in these times. To reduce carbon emissions it’s logical to get all the buildings that deal with life and death located as near to each other as possible. Hospitals should always be built next to cemeteries. Whilst it understandably might upset a few sensitive people and possibly depress the patients, it would reduce massively the emissions from all those private ambulances ferrying the recently deceased around like luxurious black cabs for those with rigor mortis. Local authorities could side step the need for those entirely by simply installing a network of water-slide type tubes to which connect various hospital departments directly to the cemetery next door. When a patient dies just make sure they’re not wearing a watch, any jewellery or cut-off denim shorts and then pop their cadaver down the tube. It’d be just a like a rather macabre version of that Barclaycard ad but marginally less irritating after the thirtieth time you’ve seen it.

Spotted by Richard Sweet

Chapel Market, Islington

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Chapel Market, Islington

It’s become increasingly popular for building sites to surround themselves with boards featuring photographs of the local area in the past or of residents spouting soundbites about their neighbourhood and how wonderful it is. Sometimes though that can backfire as evidenced by the above photograph. Dirty, dirty lady.

Spotted by Ian Marriott-Smith

Latin?, Surbition

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Latin?, Surbition

This is either an example of poor planning or this warning is written in Latin.

I can’t decide, I hope it’s latin.

Spotted by Stephen Hill

Shit Office Christmas Decorations

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Woo hoo! It’s Christmas! The time when workers all over the city try to briefly alleviate the day to day drudgery of their desk jobs with some well placed, shiny but dangerously flammable decorations. Sounds like good, innocent fun right? Something that inspire a little festive cheer?


Take a look at this shit show.

Can your office top these? If so send me a photo at or @shitlondon on Twitter.

Humbug x

The sorriest excuse for a xmas tree I think I’ve ever seen. Hanging baubles on it only draws attention to its diminutive stature.

Photo by @emmogremmo

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Now/Then , Wimbledon

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Now/Then , Wimbledon

Now it is a building named after a suspected serial abuser of young girls but then ( a couple of weeks ago ) it was named in the honour of a tireless fund raiser for many charities across the U.K. What do they do now? Take down the sign? This is an old people’s home so it’s pretty certain to say that none of the people currently imprisoned…sorry…residing here ever much featured on his cigar and jewellery powered sex radar but all the same,  how do the inmates feel about having his name emblazoned across their home? I know that one town has melted down a statue a Savile, encased the left over ore in concrete and then had that sunk into a 2km deep marine trench such is the fear that somehow he will return from the dead and stalk the land looking to molest children like some gold lame’ tracksuit sporting, medal awarding Freddy Krueger. Maybe this place should do the same…just to be safe.

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