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Worst. Name. Ever.

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This might possibly be a contender for the very worst thing that my eyes have ever fallen upon…and I have seen a LOT of shit. Seriously, after I saw this I stumbled blindly into a Boots, cracked open two bottles of eye wash and doused my corneas in an attempt to clean off any the dirt that I felt this atrocious name might’ve left on them. After that I had to stare a picture of a lovely kitten for an …

And just where the hell have you been?!?!?!

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Over the course of the past few months many of you may have been wondering about my absence from this blog, Twitter and Facebook whilst an even bigger number of you will not have given even the tiniest of shits. Some of you have tried to get in contact with me whilst others have felt an unconscious relief at not being presented day in day out with a moronic slideshow of dick graffiti, poorly conceived shop fronts, mysterious signs, pigeons …

Heir we go, heir we go, heir we go – Tooting

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Okay so this isn’t actually a photo of the new royal baby but I think you’ll agree that it’s a terrifyingly convincing representation of what is probably, maybe, perhaps happening somewhere in London right at this very moment. This Tooting charity shop has spared no expense in creating this stirring diorama guaranteed to squeeze a patriotic tear of joy from even the hardest, most cynical of subjects. Just look at the stunning attention to detail of the scene laid before …

Oral Pleasures – South Ken

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There is absolutely no way on Earth that this isn’t intentional. It just can’t be. Can it?? In fact it seems that this kind of innuendo is popular amongst purveyors of ice cream and some of them don’t even have to decency to bother with that, I mean just look at THIS PLACE! Spotted by Hugo Russell

Ice Cream What Now? Willesden

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What happened here? Is this a new frozen treat fad I’ve yet to hear of or is it possible that someone is unfamiliar with the concept of an ice cream cone? Maybe this could just the result of whoever wrote the sign being given their instructions in a Lancashire accent? Answers on a postcard please…. Spotted by Andy Clough