Shit meaning – unspecified item(s), ‘stuff’, ‘thing(s)’.

NOT, ‘London is shit’. I love this city and really believe it would be a poorer place without the things featured on this blog.

Shit London began life as Facebook group for Londoners to post their pictures of strange and unusual things they spotted on their travels around the city.

These are photographs of the unintentional human comedy that surround us in the city. It’s the flotsam and jetsam of city life , the overlooked minutiae , the tragic , the grotesque and the basest of base. It’s the adapted posters , the dirty joke on the back of a van , the mispelt signs , the glory hole in the public loo , that weird shop down the end of your road and the knob graffiti strategically placed for maximum effect.

Grab your camera. Notice your city and laugh at it.

E-mail me your pictures and if they make the grade I’ll post them to the site. Let me know where you shot them and if you want to say a few words about them I’ll post those too. The only rule here is that you shot the picture yourself. No sending me pictures taken from other blogs or virals. Believe me I will be able to tell, I am that sad.

Patrick Dalton x

E-mail photos to shhhlondon@gmail.com